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About Our Business

Updated January 18, 2018

This page provides information about the business of James Tomaskovics, D/B/A Tomaskovics Consulting (“Tomaskovics Consulting”, “we”, “the firm” or “us”). If you have any questions about the contents of this page, please contact us at 1-800-219-6770.

Consulting Business

We are an independent consulting firm founded on December 17, 2008 as a sole proprietorship in the state of New Jersey. We have no affiliation or business or contractual relationships that is reasonably likely to influence the services we provide. We are not affiliated with any security issuer and receive no inside information. Our core analytics utilized for public companies is gathered from the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) which we monitor hourly for all relevant information.

Accounting Business

We provide both in-house and off-site business services.

Legal Services Business

Tomaskovics Consulting provides paralegal services, superior legal research and services for investigators in corporate legal departments, law firms and agencies.

Investigative Services Business

We provide investigative support services to law enforcement, military, law firms, private – local – county- state and federal agencies. Much of our investigative services cannot be disclosed to the public for security purposes, however you can get a generalization of services at https://twitter.com/tomaskovics.

Fees and Compensation

The majority of our services are performed on annual (12 month) contracts payable monthly. With the exception of current clients, new services commence after agreement and payment for the first month is received. There are no other fees applied outside of the compensation agreement.


Depending on certain factors, current clients may be eligible to receive new services on credit.

Types of Clients

Tomaskovics Consulting offers clients a wide range of services. Some services may not be appropriate for every client or every business type. Generally, our services are available only to residents or entities of the United States with the following types of businesses: Service Businesses; Merchandising Businesses; Manufacturing Businesses in the industries of Aerospace; Agriculture; Chemical; Construction; Energy; Financial Services; Food Services; Health Care; Hospitality; Legal Services and Transport. Tomaskovics Consulting reserves the right to refuse services for any reason.

Disciplinary Information

This section contains information about certain legal and regulatory matters that Tomaskovics Consulting believes are material to a client’s evaluation of our business or the integrity of our management. Tomaskovics Consulting has not been subject to any legal and or regulatory proceedings relating to our business, if that changes in the future the information shall-be disclosed here.

Code of Ethics

Tomaskovics Consulting has established a Code of Ethics to ensure that:

We act with integrity and in an ethical manner with you and all of our clients

Place your and all of our clients’ interests first

Avoid potential conflicts of interest and make sure we do not abuse the faith and trust you have placed in them

Comply with all applicable rules, regulations and laws

Ensure we do not use any material nonpublic information that we may receive

Client Referrals and Other Compensation

Tomaskovics Consulting does not enter into arrangements with third parties to refer or solicit clients