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Automotive Dealers Fixed Operations Transformational Implementation

Tomaskovics Consulting specializes in analysis of automotive dealership financial data. We implement key changes where necessary to increase profit on both the sales floor and in the fixed services department.

Financial performance evaluations we setup, analyze and red flag from your dealership management system (DMS) at your dealership or by custom means.

Service Department

  • Hours and parts per repair order
  • Effective labor rate
  • Number of repair orders written per service advisor (e.g. daily, weekly, or monthly)
  • Number of technicians per service advisor
  • Average number of aged open repair orders per service advisor
  • Number of scheduled service appointments per service advisor
  • Customer pay labor sales per service advisor
  • Total amount of policy adjustments authorized on a monthly basis and by whom
  • Total flag hours per repair order
  • Total flag hours per technician
  • Gross profit per technician
  • Gross profit per repair order
  • Total service department gross profit as percentage of total dealership gross profits
  • Total shop hours capacity compared to actual total hours produced
  • Average CSI scores per service advisor

Parts Department

  • Days supply of parts inventory on hand
  • Amount of non-stock / special order parts inventory on hand
  • Parts inventory turnover
  • Percentage of parts aged in excess of 12 months compared to total parts inventory
  • Gross profit per parts ticket per parts counterperson
  • Parts credit memo refunds initiated per parts counterperson
  • Total parts department gross profit as percentage of total dealership gross profits
  • Percentage of parts sold with no re-order history
  • Wholesale parts sales as a percentage of total parts sales
  • Wholesale parts gross profit percentage
  • Analysis of plus / minus adjustment report

Tomaskovics Consulting's Most Sought Deliverables for Automotive Fixed Operations Benchmarking

Tomaskovics Financial offers our actionable analysis services to increase automotive dealer profits in two parts. Part one is Automotive Fixed Operations and the part two is New & Used Vehicles Department.

Service Advisors Repair Orders

  • Implement and sustain achievable repair orders and customer satisfaction based upon your dealerships unique economics.

Daily Technician Productivity

  • Improve technician productivity in both foreign and domestic output.

Labor Gross Profit

  • Clear vision of and how to improve labor gross profits

Parts Gross Profit

  • Clear vision of and how to improve parts gross profits per sale

Sublet Gross Profit Margin

  • Current subletting agreements or develop new opportunities

Service Tech to Advisor Ratio

  • Lean and efficient operations increases revenue.

Policy Adjustments

  • Effects of policy changes on labor sales and profit

One Line Repair Orders

  • Evaluate sales and costs that come from online resources and technologies

Operating Profit

  • Increase future operating profits by benchmarking past performance and current economic opportunities